Step 2: Do internship to become a psychologist, (PTP)

After completing the supplementary training, it is time to do a clinical training, an internship to become a psychologist (PTP). This is an employment position a time-specified clinical training with supervision.

Once you have completed the supplementary training and before you can apply for a licence to practise as a psychologist, you must do a clinical training, an internship for psychologists (PTP). During your PTP you are employed as a psychologist intern with a private or governmental employer. If the activities is a private enterprise, it must be approved for clinical work experience as a psychologist internship by us.

Socialstyrelsens föreskrifter om praktisk tjänstgöring för psykologer

A minimum of one year full-time

During your psychologist internship, you must work for a minimum of one year. If you want, you can do your psychologist internship part-time, however the time in total is to be equivalent to one year full-time (for example, two years at 50 % of full-time). If you do your psychologist internship in more than one workplace, you will need to work a minimum of four months in the same location to be able to be given credit for this time and include it in the calculations.

Both individual-oriented and other psychologist work

You are to work with both individual-oriented and other psychologist activities. A minimum of one-half of your internship/clinical training must include individual-oriented psychological work: psychological investigation and assessment, along with treatment and counselling. A minimum of one-quarter must include other work as a psychologist, such as work with organisational change, counselling, consultation, method development and evaluation, or academic supervision and teaching.

Tutorial sessions with the internship supervisor of at least one hour per week

You must to receive tutorial sessions for a minimum of one hour per week. Your internship supervisor must have been a licensed psychologist for a minimum of three years.

Follow these steps

  1. You will need to find, using your own efforts, a workplace where you can do your psychologist internship.
  2. When you have finished your psychologist internship, your internship supervisor must fill in a certificate concerning the psychologist internship, which in the next step you will send in with your application for a licence to practise.

The psychologist internship certificate must state:

  • concrete examples of how you have worked with investigation, assessment, treatment and counselling, which shows what role(s) you have had and what treatment methods you have utilised
  • concrete examples of other work as a psychologist
  • how often you have received medical tutorials
  • how your internship supervisor has participated and has had knowledge of into your daily work in order be able to assess your suitability as a psychologist.

Certificate of completing an internship/clinical training as a psychologist

Frequently asked questions

Where can I see my decision?

We’ll e-mail you the decision.

Can I do my psychologist internship anywhere I want to?

You may perform clinical training/psychologist internship at either a governmental or a private facility. If the activities is a private enterprise, it must be approved for clinical work experience as a psychologist internship by us.

Can I start my practical service (PTP)before I have made a decision from the National Board of Health?

Yes, after completing and approved supplementary education, you can begin the practical service

Do you have furhter questions about this step?

Contact us at the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare. You can send an e-mail at or call us at 075-247 30 00.

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