Step 2: You will need to know Swedish

You do not need to be able to speak Swedish to have your education assessed, step 1. But to pass steps 2–5, you need to be able to speak Swedish. You send a certificate of your language skills at the latest when you apply for licence, step 5.

To demonstrate your language skills, you must have an approved grade or certificate in one of the following:

Equivalent proficiency in Norwegian or Danish

Equivalent proficiency in Norwegian or Danish will also satisfy the requirements for Swedish. You will need to provide certification that your language skills meet the entry requirements at a Norwegian or Danish college or university.

A health care provider can assess language skills 

You can also prove your language skills by letting a health care provider assess if you have the language skills that are needed in order to work in your profession. The health care provider should fill in the form and describe how the assessment has been made.

Form for assessment of language skills (in Swedish)

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