Various ways to obtain a licence

You have three options

If you were educated outside the EU and EEA, you have three options for obtaining a licence in Sweden. No matter which option you choose, the final step is to apply for a licence from us.

Option 1: Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare

If you choose to go through the National Board of Health and Welfare, you need to do the following to obtain a licence:

  • Have your education assessed.
  • Learn Swedish.
  • Take a proficiency test.
  • Take a course in Swedish laws and regulations.
  • Undergo clinical training.

The length of time it takes to complete the various steps that lead to a Swedish licence will vary according to your particular situation. One way to expedite the process is by starting to study Swedish as soon as possible.

Option 2: Additional training

Instead of turning to us first, you can take additional training at a college or university and complete your internship before applying for a licence.

The following institutions offer additional training to become a doctor of medicine:

You may be entitled to study allowance for additional training – contact CSN.

Send us a certificate when your additional training has been approved. You will then receive a decision from us that you can do your internship.

Send your certificate to

SE-106 30 Stockholm, Sweden

Option 3: Obtain a Swedish degree

If you do not have a post-secondary degree or if your education  is not equivalent to the system in Sweden, you can go to school to obtain a Swedish degree and then apply for a licence to practice your profession.

Go to and to learn about application procedures and admission requirements. The college or university that admits you may determine that you can use your previous education to expedite completion of its programme.