What happens to your application?

Applications are examined in date order

Once we have received your application you will receive an automatic confirmation, if you have filled in your email address on the application form. We examine your application in date order and it can take varying amounts of time for the different applications.

If your application is incomplete we may sometimes contact the competent authority in your country of qualification to get additional information.

If you are eligible to receive a licence we always search the Swedish police records as a last step. We do this because you cannot obtain a licence if you have committed a serious crime. In such cases we contact you.

How long does it take to receive notification of our decision?

Once we receive an application which includes all of the required documents and payment has been received, it will take 3–4 months before you receive your decision. Sometimes we need more information and in this case we contact you. It takes longer if your application is incomplete.

Faster with completed applications

In order to receive your decision as soon as possible it is important that you send all of the documents from the beginning when you apply.

When we have made our decision you will receive it through the post

You receive our decision through the post. Keep in mind that a decision does not always mean that you are awarded the licence or recognition of a specialist qualification or permission to use the title of specialised nurse. Since you may not work in your profession before you have received a licence to practice or recognition of a specialist qualification or permission to use the title of specialised nurse it is a good idea to wait for the decision before you accept a job.

If you receive a licence or recognition of a specialist qualification this will be registered in The National Board of Health and Welfare's (Socialstyrelsens) register of licenced healthcare professionals (HOSP).

From 1 June no licences will be signed by the National Board of Health and Welfare, as this is no longer a requirement for approval.