Once you have received our decision

If you have received a licence

Once you have received a licence as an audiologist you may begin working in your profession. You do not need to register with any authority, union or similar.

To find a job contact employers directly or the Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen).

If your application has been rejected

If your application is rejected for failure to comply with the requirements of EU directive 2005/36/EC, you can work in a non-licenced profession.

Non-licenced professions in healthcare include professions such as a pharmaceutical technician, assistant nurse, dental assistant or nursing assistant. In these cases it is up to the employer to decide whether you have the required skills.

You can also choose to study to take a Swedish exam and then apply for a licence. Information on how to apply and what is required for admission is available on universityadmissions.se and studera.nu.

In some cases you can get your qualification evaluated and recognised by the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR). This can be helpful when applying for a job or when you want to study.

If you have received a decision with compensatory measures

Have you received a decision with compensatory measures? Then you should complete the compensatory measure stated in the decision in order to have your professional qualifications recognized. You can choose between an aptitude test or an adaptation period as a compensatory measure. A license to practice your profession will be granted when you have submitted documentation to Socialstyrelsen proving that you have successfully completed the compensatory measure. When submitting documentation from the compensatory measure no fee is charged.

How to appeal

If you have received a decision with compensatory measures, you can appeal the decision within three weeks from the date you receive the decision from us. You appeal by sending a brief written explanation to us about why you are not satisfied with the decision. We will review your case again to see if we can make a different decision. If a different decision is not made, your case is sent on to the administrative court (Förvaltningsrätten) who makes its own decision.