Undergo clinical training

Demonstrate your practical knowledge and skills

Once you have received a decision from us that you have passed the proficiency tests, the next step is to complete your clinical training and take a course in Swedish laws and regulations. During your clinical training periods you demonstrate your practical knowledge and skills and your suitability for the profession. At the same time, you will see how the Swedish healthcare system works.

Two three-month training periods

You will undergo two clinical training periods that will last for three months each. You must find the training positions yourself. So-cialstyrelsen does not give any financial aid during your clinical training. If you have questions on how to find a training position and how to support yourself during that time it might be a good idea to contact the Swedish Public Employment Service, Arbetsförmedlingen.

You will need special authorisation

In order to practice as a midwife you need to have a temporary permission, i.e. a special authorisation. The workplace must apply for special authorisation at least one month before you are due to start. You cannot apply yourself. You may not begin practicing until the application submitted by the workplace has been approved

Application form for special authorisation

You will need to undergo clinical training even if you have practised your profession before. Previous experience does not entitle you to a shorter period of clinical training.

Complete your training at two workplaces

You will undergo your clinical training at two workplaces for three months each in no particular order. You complete one training period at a maternity ward and another one at a midwife’s clinic. It is the workplace that determines whether or not it is a suitable place for your clinical training. The certificate of clinical training contains more information about requirements for a workplace to be able to accept you for training.

The workplace issues a certificate for your clinical training

Your manager and your supervisor will fill out a certificate for your clinical training. You must also sign the certificate. Enclose the certificate when you submit your application for a licence.

Certificate of clinical training (in Swedish)